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The Process of Building a Home with Alliance Builders


01 - Meet our Designer! At your initial visit you will meet with our design team to discuss your vision for your new home. Using a detailed questionnaire, we will gather information on the type of home you are looking for and will show you plans from an extensive portfolio that may have some details that you are looking for.  Those plans can be modified in any way, or we can start a brand new home design based on your vision.


02-Choosing a Lot. If you don’t already own a lot, we can help you find one! 

Alliance Builders keeps track of the inventory of available lots in the northern part of El Paso County. At times, we also have our own lots available for you to choose from.


03-Planning Your Home Build. Once the lot and plan parameters are in place, we will create a concept plan for you.  When we have a plan that is close, we will generate a detailed price sheet for you The pricing worksheet will include a set of detailed specifications based on your desires for your home, as well as any costs related to the homesite and neighborhood covenants. 


04-Final Plans and Pricing: When the pricing is agreed upon for the concept, a final plan will be procured from our draftsman. There will be a final round of pricing for these plans and options selected.


05-Design and Build Agreement. With the custom designed plan and pricing finalized, we will execute a building agreement and other related documents.


06-Loan Commitment. With the plans, building agreement and custom specifications, you are ready to finalize your construction loan. (Ask about our “Preferred Lender” program) During this time, the plans will be engineered, and reviewed by the approving authorities.


07-You’re on Your Way! Your project is now under way and the fun begins with color selections, inside and out. We have professionals on staff to help with this process!


08-Pre-Construction Meeting: Just as excavation is getting started, you will have a meeting with the construction supervisor and owners to go over the details of the plans and specifications.


Along with the on-line management system, the Alliance Builders team will be with you every step of the way, ready to answer any questions you may have.


Call us to get started on your new home!

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