About Us...

Alliance Builders is a Custom New Home Building company that specializes in building a wide range of homes that offer unique features, sensible floor plans and energy efficient, green building construction at very competitive prices.


Our goal, as Alliance Builders, Inc., is to build a home for you that has incomparable design and functionality, while creating the "perfect fit" for your lifestyle and budget.

As a design/build company, Alliance Builders can help you with all aspects of site selection, design, construction and financing. There is no disconnect between the designer and builder. We handle it all!


We pride ourselves in offering you the ability to be a direct part of the planning associated with their new home.


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Steve Hood came to Colorado Springs to pursue an education and career in alternative energy. He completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Solar Engineering and immediately developed a love of solar home design and home building.

He has been in the homebuilding business since 1991.


“I love home building. It’s challenging and rewarding on so many levels. It stretches and strengthens my ability and character year in and year out. I work with people from all walks of life, from laborers and helpers to CEO’s and surgeons. I get the opportunity to contribute something every day, be it small or large, to the day-to-day lives of all these people. It’s a dream job I never dreamed of.”


Steve’s goal is to make every home a quality project for every person involved, and for every client to become an enthusiastic fan of Alliance Builders.